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Artificial Intelligence - A Threat to Employment

by Admin

Posted on 2018-11-05 13:26:24

Artificial Intelligence - A Threat to Employment

One of the most debatable topics after the practical implementation of Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies into more routinized tasks is how it is going to affect human employment. According to a study, 47% of the currently surviving occupations in the US are at stake of probable automation within the next 10 years.

Today I would like to talk a bit about some of the professions which are on the verge of getting automated and hopes for the people in sustainable employment.

  1. Lawyers

It is one of the highest paid jobs in the US, but on the other hand, hiring a Lawyer quite expensive. Moreover, a substantial portion of their daily tasks routinized with the possibility of getting automated.

Logically speaking, legal work and its complexity require a human mind, whereas, Artificial Intelligence can assist the pre-trial process in which it is considered which documents are relevant and which are not, creating contracts, parking fines, or handling divorce proceedings.

Opportunity: It seems like a Junior Lawyer will be a little difficult to find in the future but intertwining Legal Studies and Computer Science could come in handy which can assist in translating laws into computer understandable algorithms or investigating the legibility and legal framework in all the latest technologies like self-driving cars, etc. there are endless opportunities. 

  1. Journalists

If you are thinking that a programmed robot could not write compelling news as you can read today, think again, robots and artificial intelligence are generating sports reports and other news articles and are also being used for even more in-depth investigative articles. There are so many aspects that indicate the risk of A.I. taking over journalism.

Opportunity: It is not necessary that robots and Artificial Intelligence could turn out to be your job eater. Journalists could save time hiring robots as an assistant in getting all the statistical data and to exhume fascinating patterns in data which will introduce an entirely untouched way of presenting stories. 

  1. Drivers

Although there were some renowned scholars from high ranking Universities who believed that it is impossible for a computer to drive a car due to the immense intricacy of information involved in driving, today you can find so many un-manned and automated cars covering thousands of miles in a Self-Driving Cars. Companies like Uber now have fleets of Self-Driving cars which will impact cab drivers whereas, Self-Driving Trucks are a threat to long distance drivers. This also provokes a thought whether the kids born in 2018 even need to pass a driving test in the future?

Based on the protest against Uber and TfL in London, human drivers might be able to resist the threats of automated cars for a small amount of time, but unfortunately, human drivers need to reskill themselves.


  1. Financial Analyst

It is like being a Lawyer, high income, higher status job, but after the Artificial Intelligence is taking over, computers can easily spot patterns and make the trade even swifter than the seasoned human analysts. It is estimated that almost 30% of banking jobs are on stake due to artificial intelligence within the next decade.

Opportunity: Although there will be a smaller number of jobs, it is the world of survival of the fittest. People who are combining their financial sector knowledge with computer science and mathematics have no worries of losing their jobs since they can develop computer algorithms which increasingly drive this field.

This is not about it, there are several sectors facing the risk of automation but to give you an idea of how artificial intelligence will take over different industries and how you can survive in this scenario. The main idea is to train yourself in cross-dimensional skills.

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