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An Insight in Quantum Computers

by Admin

Posted on 2018-09-13 12:53:30

Reading Time: 3 min 37 sec

Quantum Computing

As the computer technology is touching new skies every day, IBM, Google, and few other small start-ups are racing towards creating the next generation of Supercomputers named Quantum Computers. If this technology gets materialized can help us solve the most complex problems, for instance, complex chemical processes modeling which our conventional computers can’t even go close to.

Although till date we have no idea how these computers are going to look like since the Quantum era is not going to come that easily. Companies and hardcore researchers are using certain different approaches for building the most powerful computer this world has ever seen. Here we have tried to explain about the Quantum Computing and how it will revolutionize the world.

Sub-Atomic particles have the strange ability to exist in more than one state at any time and this is the main advantage of Quantum Computing. The behavior of the tiniest particles is the reason why operations can be done more quickly and more so, this will use less energy than the conventional computers.

Our conventional or classical computers use “bit” as a single piece of information which exist in only 2 states “1” or “0”. On the other hand, Quantum Computers uses quantum bits also known as “Qubits”. They have the ability to store more information than just “1” and “0” unlike the conventional bit since they can exist in any superposition of such values.

A Physicist at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Alexey Fedorov says “The difference between classical bits and qubits is that we can also prepare qubits in a quantum superposition of 0 and 1 and create nontrivial correlated states of a number of qubits, so-called 'entangled states',”

How differently can Quantum Computers operate that Normal Computers can’t?
Since Quantum Computers have different structure therefor, they operate on completely different principles as compared to the normal computer which makes Quantum Computer exceptionally good in solving complex mathematical problems, for instance, finding a very large prime number. Cryptography uses prime numbers, it is said that quantum computers would be able to quickly crack the computers that keep our online information secure. Keeping this risk in mind, researchers are already trying to develop a technology that is resistant to quantum hacking, but on the other hand, there is a possibility to develop a quantum-based cryptographic system that will be much more secure and stable than that of the conventional analogs.

Researchers and developers are also excited because they can use quantum computing to model complicated chemical reactions which our supercomputers are not very good at. Google engineers, in July 2016 simulated the Hydrogen Molecule using quantum computing for the very first time. After that, IBM created a model for even more complex molecules. Researchers are hopeful they’ll be able to design entirely new molecule for medicine using the quantum simulation.

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