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Birth Card: Genetic Fortune-Telling

by Admin

Posted on 2018-09-13 12:59:59

Reading Time: 2 min 40 sec

Quantum Computing

As we are growing rapidly on all races of technology and see so many unbelievable inventions or innovations that changes our lives and brings us some new unbelievable surprise, get ready for a report card of your baby which predicts at the time of his birth how his stay in this world will be… Yes, it’s true. In the near future you will receive a Report Card which can tell the chances of suffering from Heart Attach, or Cancer, whether he/she will be habitual of Tobacco or Drugs, whether he/she will be smarter than others etc.

Scientists uses Genome from the DNA to predict about the life of a baby and recently they have succeeded in getting accurate results after huge genetic studies and involving more than a million people.

According to studies, scientists came to know that most of the common diseases and many traits and behavior including intelligence are not a result of one or few genes, but many genes synchronized and acting in concert. Because of large ongoing genetic studies scientists are creating what is said to be “Polygenic Risk Scores”

These DNA tests don’t diagnose but offer probabilities which will eventually benefit greatly in medicine. For instance, if women having elevated risk of Breast Cancer get more Mammograms and those at minimal risk got few, those exams might catch more real cancers and get rid of false alarms.

Pharmaceutical Industry will also benefit by using these scores in clinical trials for preventive drugs for illness such as Schizophrenia or heart diseases picking volunteers who are more adaptive to such diseases and test more accurately how well the drug works.

Although the test is in an initial phase and far from perfect. Who wants to know they might get Alzheimer?  What if someone with a low risk score for cancer waived off from screening and eventually develops cancer anyway? There are so many questions still need to be answered but we hope this technology will benefit us in a positive way.

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