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Social Media Marketing - How to Market?

by Admin

Posted on 2018-10-10 09:45:04

Reading Time: 4 min 53 sec

Quantum Computing

It’s not long since Social Media Marketing has evolved but ever since its evolution, it is considered as a vital channel for communication of brands. Almost 90% of the marketers now consider social media marketing important for their overall marketing strategy and most of the brands choose to promote their products and services on social media. The key to being successful on the social media is to increase the engagement which will eventually lead you to conversions and sales. Engagement on social media can be defined as Likes, Shares, Comments, and/or Reactions, which are the indicators to determine your success on social media. If your audience is not engaged enough, you might need to review the strategy to boost the engagement.

Here I would like to discuss a few of the important element need to be considered in your social media marketing:

  1. Casual & Witty: People normally use social media for the sake of entertainment, considering this your post should not be overly promotional and forcing people to buy your product otherwise you will end up losing audience attention. Using humor and wit in your post keeps your audience entertained and engaged. Create a humorous and witty post or images that grab an audience’s attention.
  2. Image & Visuals: Studies tells that post without visuals or images gets 120% less engagement than the ones having images. To increase audience engagement, post more images, memes, GIFs, or you can even use original graphics. You can even create an infographic image which describes your services or research you have done and include a link to the landing page where your audience can read the full content. This will also bring in the more organic traffic to your website. Contests and events can also be promoted through images or you can celebrate a milestone achievement or your product launch. 
  3. Video Content: As images are an excellent way to promote your products and increase your social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter, videos are one of the most effective media on  Instagram and YouTube. Posting videos bring more interaction to your post and can increase your social engagement. 
  4. Scheduling: Posting something at the time when most of your followers are inactive can potentially lose an engagement opportunity as not all the users are online all the time. To increase your social media engagement, schedule your post when your audience is more active. Scheduling your post can also mean to post occasional or seasonal posting, for instance, if your product is in line with Christmas, schedule it in the month of December rather than posting it in June or July. Some of the other factors need to be considered are the time zone, and target demographic, you need to determine these by running few tests on your target audience.
  5. #Hashtags: They can dramatically increase your social media engagement as it not only reaches to your followers but also helps engaging audience who are not following you. By using Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, you increase chances of a user finding your content. You can also take help of tools like Twitonomy or to get the trending hashtags.
  6. Contest & Giveaway: Another one of the most effective way to engage an audience is hosting a Contest or Giveaway. People get attracted towards contests and giveaways because they have a chance of receiving something. You could also boost the engagement through user-generated content, for instance, asking them to send their details or photos with your unique brand hashtags.

Although there are many other ways to increase your social media engagement but discussed above are the most influential ones. I hope you have learned some important aspects for the social media marketing. If you like my post, don’t forget to hit “LIKE”. Have a good day.

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