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The Future of Shopping... Not too Far

by Admin

Posted on 2018-10-01 10:15:10

Reading Time: 7 min 12 sec

Quantum Computing

If we take ourselves back in our childhood, the devices and technologies we are using might seem out of a Science-Fiction and full of fantasy. But thanks to all the inventions and innovations in technology that made our lives easy and convenient be it taking a phone call on your smartwatch or tracking your health, having a robotic lawnmower which cut grass quietly, commanding your speakers to play a song of your choice and so on and so forth.

Now the people of this planet earth are getting accustomed to all the technologies of present and less appalled hearing about future technologies. Today I would like to talk about the future of shopping. People consider it high-tech to just tap their smartphones and watches and make purchases but hold on… there is a lot to come to the market in the very near future. Let’s take a look at what’s already-in and coming up.

No-Checkout Stores
As the Amazon Go was launched earlier this year in Seattle, Washington, and Chicago with a concept of no waiting in line to pay by having self-checkout stations or no-checkout with the help of sensors, hundreds of cameras, and smart artificial intelligence, you can just grab the item from the shelf and walk away and you will be billed automatically followed by an e-receipt via email. Even if you put the item back on the shelf, this technology has the ability to detect it and adjust it on your bill, so you won’t be paying for something you haven’t bought.

Bloomberg has reported that Amazon is planning to open the same intelligent Amazon Go stores in 3,000 locations by 2021, and on the other hand, Microsoft has also announced a launching of cashier-less stores soon.

Self-Driving Cars
Ever thought of a store coming to you rather you going there, well it's not a fantasy anymore. Japanese automobile juggernaut Toyota will be unveiling a concept for the forthcoming Self-Driving vehicle e-Palette in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas in January. Toyota seems in a bit hurry as they opt out from the Detroit Auto Show which will be taking place a week later than CES. Soon Self-Driving vehicles will not only take people from one place to another but according to Toyota’s concept can be used as ride-sharing, on-demand food delivery, or even working as a mobile storefront which will bring products to your doorstep instead of the other way around.

Toyota is collaborating with Amazon, Pizza Hut and Uber to initiate the future, but the first live demonstration of Toyota e-Palette won’t be held before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

VR Shopping
If you want to avoid the crowd at the supermarkets, shopping malls or not feeling well to do so,     just wear your lightweight VR Headset at home and simulate a shopping experience. In a recent demonstration of TESCO concept in the UK, you can walk virtually through the aisles with a first-person perspective. You can even virtually touch and move the products with your hands such as taking the item off the shelf and inspect it closely before placing it in your virtual cart. This also gives you an ability to shop along with your online friend in real-time and even chat at the same time. Once you are done with the shopping, your orders will be delivered at your doorstep. Phew!!!! Seems like we will only be meeting our friends virtually in the future. Haha… kidding 😉 

AR Glasses (Augmented Reality)
Unlike the Virtual Reality Glasses where you are taken to a completely digital world in a 360-degrees, mounted on your head, Augmented Reality, on the other hand, adds a layer of digital information of the objects you are looking at in the real world which is seen through a smartphone camera.

It's not far that we will be wearing AR Glasses, contact lenses or the implants which will be showing us the information about the products in a supermarket, it could be reviews of a product, rating based on customer experiences, price comparison, or even signs mentioning the health-factors according to your health preferences. Although some of the AR Glasses are already in the market that shows the shopping info, we can expect some significant updates soon.

Verbal-Command Assistant
Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, your grocery items can be added to a list verbally whenever you remember anything and once the list is complete, you can place an order. You will have an option to get your grocery delivered at your door-step or pick it up at your nearest store. You can even add-up recurring items on a weekly or monthly basis based on regular usage, so you don’t have to add it up manually every time.

Shopping Drones
Technology giants Amazon and Google are already working on the drones that will deliver your products at your door-step in less than 30 minutes. Prime Air, an Amazon delivery quadcopter has already been tested in multiple countries and in the recent test in the UK it was able to deliver items in as low as only 13 minutes. You must be wondering how it will work? Well, you will place an order with voice command, website or app (till now it works on small and lightweight products), in the warehouse, a robot will grab your desired product and attach it with the self-directed drone. You will receive a message once the drone arrives at your door and scan your face for confirmation. After the delivery, the drone flies back to the warehouse.

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